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22/02/2007 Temple Mount open to Jews for first time in over three weeks By Nadav Shragai, Haaretz Correspondent -February 22, 2007


Police Bar Non-Muslims From Temple Mount Despite Court Order Thursday, August 3, 2006 / 9 Av 5766

Laura Bush heckled at J'lem holy sites Laura
Reuters- May 22, 2005

Bush jostled, heckled in Jerusalem shrine visit
Jerusalem Post- May 22, 2005

MKs threaten to enter Temple Mount
Jerusalem Post- April 8, 2005

Israel Tightens Access to Holy Site
AP News- April 8, 2005

Police to bar masses from Temple Mt.
Jerusalem Post- March 22, 2005

10,000 Jews visit Temple Mount in past five months
Jerusalem Post- February 1, 2004

Arafat's Mufti: No such thing as a 'Wailing Wall'
Jerusalem Post- December 13, 2003

Temple Mount Challenges December 11, 2003

Wakf Resumes Temple Mount Construction December 10, 2003

Arabs Arrested for Temple Mount Watch December 8, 2003

MK Eldad Acts to Prevent Temple Mount Arafat Burial December 7, 2003

Religious Discrimination Continues on the Temple Mount November 30, 2003

5,000 PA Residents Permitted on Temple Mount Today October 31, 2003

Ramadan Call to Protect the Temple Mount from Israeli Aggressions October 26, 2003

HaNegbi Tours Temple Mount October 22, 2003

Temple Mount Visit October 21, 2003

Growing Number of Jewish Worshipers Visit the Temple Mount October 12, 2003

Temple Mount Wall Collapses September 25, 2003

Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount Again Prevented September 18, 2003

Police storm Temple Mount to disperse stone-throwers
Ha'aretz- September 14, 2003

Up Front: Morning on the Mount- Matti Friedman
The Jerusalem Report- September 7, 2003

Yesha Rabbis: A "Mitzvah" To Visit Temple Mount September 5, 2003

MK Gavriely Visits the Temple Mount September 4, 2003

Palestinian arrested for attacking Jew on Temple Mount
Jerusalem Post- September 1, 2003

4 Jews Ejected From Temple Mount for Praying
Court Temporarily Bars Waqf Official from the Temple Mount August 31, 2003

Jerusalem Holy Site a Tense Crossroads Again
New York Times- August 29, 2003

Waqf official not banned from Temple Mount after arrest
Ha'aretz- August 27, 2003

Temple Mount: The Good News and the Bad News August 26, 2003

Entry to the Temple Mount and Jewish Law August 25, 2003

Muslims try to prevent Jews from entering Temple Mount
Ha'aretz- August 25, 2003

Organized Religious Tours on Temple Mount August 24, 2003

Police close Mount after just one hour
Ha'aretz- August 22, 2003

Jerusalem police open Temple Mount to open to non-Muslims
Ha'aretz- August 20, 2003

Temple Mount reopened to Jewish visitors
Jerusalem Post- August 20, 2003

Temple Mount to be reopened by Friday
Jerusalem Post- August 19, 2003

Police prepare to open Mount to Jews next week
Ha'aretz- August 13, 2003

Temple Mount See-Saw: It Will Be Re-Opened Next Week August 12, 2003

Hanegbi: Temple Mount reopening with or without Wakf agreement
Jerusalem Post- August 11, 2003

Knesset Speaker Seeking To Calm Temple Mount Issue August 5, 2003

MKs Plan To Visit Temple Mount August 5, 2003

Etzion: Temple Mount Situation is Worst Itīs Ever Been July 31, 2003

Yesha Rabbis Decry Temple Mount Ban July 30, 2003

Police suspend non-Muslim visits to Temple Mount
Jerusalem Post- July 30, 2003

War of Words al-Buraq
Jewish Week- July 25, 2003

Police restrict entrance to Temple Mount prayers
Jerusalem Post- July 25, 2003

Arafat says Jews' visits to Temple Mount are 'a big crime' Jerusalem Post- July 23, 2003

WAQF Threats Banish Jews From Temple Mount July 22, 2003

Kiryat Arba's Chief Rabbi Dov Lior July 18, 2003

Temple Mount Discrimination Continues July 3, 2003

Hanegbi: Jews To Pray Soon (As Individuals) On Temple Mount May 15, 2003

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